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As a member of the Bend-La Pine Schools Board of Directors I have led a collaborative effort alongside our Superintendent, fellow Board Members, and District leadership to develop new goals and measures to guide our work. They embody three important shifts:

  1. Taking responsibility for the experiences of our students, families, and staff, in addition to their outcomes

  2. Engaging minds and expanding pathways to ensure students are successful when they leave our schools

  3. Applying an equity lens to strategic planning and disaggregating data across all measures, to address historic inequities and gaps in both experience and outcomes

A mother and sign sitting at a classroom table looking at schoolwork together
Academic Achievement

All students should be engaged and develop a strong academic foundation.


I support a focus on developing strong foundational literacy and numeracy. I also advocate for curriculum and instruction that reflects students’ lives and experiences, connects to our community and world, and exposes students to a variety of career paths.

Common Core Standards

Foundational Literacy & Numeracy

Problem Based Learning

Engaging & Relevant Curriculum

Data Driven Instruction

Mastery Based Grading

Passion, Purpose & Plan

All students should graduate with a passion, purpose, and plan for their future.


This starts with ensuring high school graduation - while graduation rates were at an all time high two of the last four years, they are not high enough. I actively support the work to develop a K-12 life and career curriculum and the refinement and expansion of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways. 

Social & Emotional Learning

Positive Self-Identity

K - 12 Life & Career Curriculum

Career & Technical Education

Students wearing red graduation gowns on the football field throwing their caps in the air in celebration
Three students demonstrating martial arts wearing traditional dress
Wellness, Inclusion & Belonging

All students, families, and staff should experience wellness, inclusion, and belonging.


All students, families, and staff should experience wellness, inclusion, and belonging. I successfully advocated for an innovative partnership with Deschutes County to bring additional counselors into our schools. And I took direct action to address disparities in outcomes and experiences - elevating marginalized voices, ensuring an equity lens is applied through policy, and using disaggregated data to drive decision-making.

Reflective & Responsive Curriculum

Healthy School Partnership with Deschutes County Mental Health

BRYT Program with Student Success Coaches in Every Elementary School

Restorative Practices

Comprehensive Sex Education

Organizational Alignment

The operational systems of the district must align and support an academically effective, inclusive, and sustainable organization.


I led the last bond campaign, bringing much needed renovations and safety improvements to our schools. I meet regularly with our Superintendent and his Chiefs team to ensure organizational and fiscal strength.

Financial Best Practices

Facility Maintenance & Development

Sustainability & Stewardship Plan 

"From Scratch" Nutrition Services

Robust Safety Protocols

Staff Diversity across Sectors

Policy Governance

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